A proven technology


Being a member of the TPK family of companies we are a part of the largest manufacturer of projected capacitive sensors in the world. This allows us to have our sensors manufacatured on one of the most advanced manufacturing lines dedicated to making projected capacitive sensors. We are able to bring you the same sensor technology that has been in the field for years in hundreds of millions of smart phones.

The TPK America Advantage

A perfect partnership


TPK’s expertise is in high volume manufacturing and in the design of sensors, controllers and modules. TPK America's expertise is in product requirements, driver developement, integration support, and customer logistics. This partnership enables each of us to focus on what we are best at, and allow us deliver you the best possible touch solution. 

A global company with a local feel


TPK America is truly a global company. With facilities in China, Taiwan and the United States we are positioned to bring you the advanced technology of the global leader, while still offering the direct, attentive support you desire.